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Gravity Box's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Gravity Box's LiveJournal:

Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
3:18 pm
So the band has arrived... Right now we are in the writing phase and things are going well. With a few jam sessions under our belt, we have 3 songs and about 3 others in the works. Oh yeah... Our 3 songs are titled "Naked", "Lies", and "Cross Me?". Thats right... We are the next trendy thing...Damn. Oh well. We are about 2-3 months out for looking for other musicians and about 5-8 months out of our first show... For now, more writing...
Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
4:00 am
it's amazing how sometimes it seems we're on a corner, waiting for a bus. the bus labled "life" pulls over and you get on as some get off. you ride around for a few years as new people step on and some others get off. sometimes, ones who got off just a few miles back tend to get on again down the road. you watch the people and glance out the window. you're an observer here. your driver wearing a nametag reading "hello. my name is: experiance" is usually kind, talking to everyone, never sleeping, but as the ride progresses he seems more and more tired. you feel you had enough for a while, not really knowing where you're at, you pull the chord to stop. you step off the bus older now, seeing new things and meeting new people. as you step off the bus, you take in your surroundings. then you realize you're at the same fucking place you got on that god damn bus three years ago. you turn around to get back on, but by then the bus is gone. i'm waiting for the next bus now. and i'm low on cigarettes.

Current Mood: contemplative
1:28 am
Coffee Shop
Did you ever wonder what happened to that one guy at the coffee shop? That was me. The regular with no reason or purpose. However, there reaches a point in time when you decide that it's time to find your true identity, as opposed to the "I'm lost and scary and nobody really knows me" identity. There was also that guy who was always the center of attention and would do anything and everything to keep all eyes on him. That was me too. Then there's the guy that no one really likes and no one cares enough to tell him... That was probably me too... And we can't forget the guy that is definitely past his prime and no longer fits in and he always comes across as stupid or creepy... I hope that will never be me. There's always the girl you never want to forget, but over time you always do... And the scary girl that never realized that she is no longer a size 6... She is always there... I hate that. (Fashion Hint: If no size is your size, wear the next size up. Smaller clothes don't make you look smaller...) The girl who wears too much make-up has always made me snicker... (she needs it) And we absolutely can't forget the table of dorks usually found in the darkest corner of the building. If you get to know them, they really are different.
Don't get me wrong.I don't judge anybody. These are just a few of the things that i think make the coffee shop a good place to be.
Saturday, February 8th, 2003
2:21 am
Stop Complaining Because I Hate That...
Who do you have to prove what to? Why do we let little things occupy most of our day? Who insures insurance companies? Who let Mr. Green teach science? (Good thing it wasn't chemistry) Who said that we can't have everything we want? Who said they could say that? Why do people adopt opinions? When do you learn to think for yourself? Can someone teach you that?(If you are that someone, please start teaching people) Did you know that there is no book smart or street smart people? All you have is people who know how to apply their knowledge and people who don't. Why is there an age minimum to be the president? (....no, Really. That bugs me. Hillary can run and I can't...) Why don't people blame themselves more than the people or circumstances around them? We make our circumstances. No one makes them for us. If the people you hang around become a problem, it's easy... LEAVE THEM ALONE.
Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
1:07 am
the beginning...
well, kids, here it is, the biography of a band. or half of one right now.thrash and i have technically been playing together since high school, although positions, situations, cities and styles have changed. yeah, i'll quote the bud lizards... "we coulda been huge". second chances rock. well, a pathetic first entry, but i'll redeem myself later, i promise. goodnight, kids.
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